Submission of Risk Evaluation Questionnaire 2020

On the 20th April 2020, the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (the “FIAU”) issued a notice to remind all Subject Persons to submit the Risk Evaluation Questionnaire (the “REQ”) by not later than the 4th May 2020 at 17:00.
Moreover, the FIAU noted that the REQ will only be available to be completed for information purposes as from the 5th May 2020, and whoever fails to submit the REQ by the 4th May 2020 deadline, they are still encouraged to complete the REQ but might be fined an administrative penalty.
The FIAU also informed all Subject Persons that whoever would like to confirm their submission of REQ, they are requested to do so by logging into the CASPAR Portal and confirm that the REQ status for the year 2020 appears as ‘Completed’.
Please feel free to contact us should you require further information in relation to the Risk Evaluation Questionnaire 2020.