European Union Regulatory Framework for Crypto-Assets

It is crucial that Europe grasps all the potential of digital age and strengthens its industry and innovation capacity, within safe and ethical boundaries. Digitalisation and technology are significantly transforming the European financial system and the way it provides financial services to Europe’s business and citizens.
This is why the European Commission (the “Commission”) has launched a public consultation on a European Union (“EU”) regulatory framework on crypto-assets. The consultation is not specific to anti-money laundering or countering the financing of terrorism matters but does include some questions on the topic. The Commission is welcoming responses from all citizens and organisations, national competent authorities, market participants from the crypto-asset sector including crypto-asset exchanges, trading platforms, wallet providers, users and from the financial services sector including, investment firms, asset managers, electronic money issuers, payment service providers, EU businesses, FinTech organisations, technology experts, academics and EU citizens. Contribution to the consultation has been made possible by filling in an online questionnaire. The consultation is open until the 19th of March 2020.
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